What is this SEO people are talking about?

SEO = Search Engine Optimization.


When’s the last time you picked up a phone book and used the yellow pages?  How about the last time you “Googled” something?  The number of people searching for local businesses on Google exceeds the number of people using printed phone books.  Whatever your “local” business is – contractor, plumber, dance studio…you name it – ranking on the first page of Google can INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS.

How does Google rank?

1. Organic Search Results
Ranking at the top organically requires internal optimization and link building.  These search results are “free” (non-sponsored) listings.

2. Local Map Listings
These are LOCAL businesses found within your geographic area. Google mixes these results with the organic search results.

3. PPC/Sponsored Ads
This is Google’s pay-per-click system.  These Ads are in the shaded box at the top of the page above the organic and local listings.

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